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is below average for everybody including santa rosa which is 93%, san francisco 86% and we were doing so well until january hit. san jose 7.99, ironically you can find a lot more in the old rain gauge than that but everybody is below average now. low pressure to the south, heading towards phoenix there will be a lot of delays in spring training games. napa and santa rosa some upper 20s and this is a very cold dynamic system, windy at times, temperatures 50s and very low 60s may just briefly touch and it can help santa rosa and it will be a cool day, average high is 60 to 65 and yesterday was upper 40s so well below average, we will slowly climb back, cool and breezy and we go to the weekend. >>> does pg&e oh you money? investigators say they have been overcharged. >>> it has become the center of controversial, we will explain -- it has become the center of controversy. we will explain. >>> heading up to the tunnel walnut creek and oakland looks good and we will tell you more about the traffic and weather in the bay area. [ announcer 1 ] today's business travel challenge: redeeming a rewa
, you called it exactly. what if it gets to be 70. >> it was. santa rosa and napa hit 70. today will still be very good. a lot of high clouds will come in. yesterday was sunny side up. temperatures really rocking it up. today we'll start off clear. it will get a lot of high clouds in here. 60s to near 70s. especially toward santa clara valley. here is sal. >>> looking at highway 24 it's a nice looking drive. driving from walnut creek to the tunnel with no major problems driving through. also this morning we are looking at northbound 280 in san jose. that is a nice looking drive as you drive through. 5:00 let's go back to the desk. >>> we continue with breaking news we first reported at 4:30. if you haven't seen it incredible video of a water main break. it's causing sewage to back up near san francisco state university. dozens of homes and cars are flooded. ktvu claudine wong is near the stones town galleria mall with more amazing peck curs. claudine, i have never seen so much water around cars. >> unbelievable mess. resident some of them in tears over the mess that is left behi
not arrive until later on. you can see towards certain areas, it has picked up sneer santa rosa so -- picked up near santa rosa, it is picking up and high temperatures will struggle. this system is coming in late morning early afternoon and once we get some of that cold air and the dynamics in advance, the problem is there is no moisture behind it so it will be today and that's it but it's on its way and we have a ways to go so it is making a track towards us. mostly cloudy, low snow levels, 40s and 50s on the temperatures and not much change through tomorrow and we to look breezy at the end of the weekend. >>> marcus and asia were mixed losing mother than 1% and south korea finished with modest gains. checking in on our numbers, markets were closed for president's day and we are getting a new read and it does look like a decent opening, it is slightly higher for the s&p 500 and nasdaq and dow jones industrial average and we will watch it closer as we get to the opening bell. >>> they are alleging insider trading despite an account being at the heart of the matter. heinz traded on insider
areas held up by a breeze. not everybody. even san jose 31. novato 32. santa rosa 32. concord and livermore 34. there are year areas that are cold. with that offshore breeze temperatures coast and bay have no problem warming up. santa rosa gets a north wicked. that northerly breeze not that strong. this there is enough of a component that means sunshine. patchy fog. 60s on the temps. mid 60s. napa at 63. pitts burg 61. 62 danville. 60s low from san jose. santa clara valley. even along much of the coast. we will continue this need with sunshine and warmer weather. certainly wednesday, thursday, and friday look to be on the very mild side. the weekend looks a little cooler but still dry. >>> european markets are mostly higher this morning. the euro has edged up from a two week low. most markets in asia closed today and much of the week for the lunar new year. futures indicate a higher opening here in the u.s. when our markets open up in a little more than an hour. you can see on friday they posted gains as well. >>> gas prices continue to sore giving consumers less money to spen
. let's go to steve. >>> sal, we have clear sky. the only fly in the point hasn't santa rosa. it will be sunny and warm today. at this time yet it wasn't that strong. boy did it pick up. it's another dry week. there are changes brewing for next week. sure looks like tuesday make next thursday and friday. today sunshine and warmer. lots of 70s picking up. there is a decent breeze all the way to the san mateo coast. it looks pretty good all the way down to santa cruz. we can't find a high cloud at all. it will be sunny. tiny bit of fog. some of that forms between 5:00 and 7:00. a little breezy and blustery. and over to parts of the coast. 60s and 70s. napa 70. sonoma 72. 70 70 march -- martinez. pleasanton 70 degrees. 74 gilroy. 73 san jose. 70 woodside. redwood city 74. tomorrow looks good. i think a little cooler. we'll get more of an on shore breeze and fog returns sunday. increasing clouds monday. it looks like a cold rain arrives tuesday. >>> dangerous suspect breaks free from police custody. how he escaped. >>> the pope makes a final move before he heads into retirement.
, concord 39 with some low clouds around, santa rosa 35, napa 35, after the breeze breaks off, it will have good visibility, fog sun, it will be nice, colder lows though, again the wind is cranking up out of the northwest especially along the coast. 50s to near 60s and it is a fine line on high temperatures and tomorrow we will focus on high temperatures giving increasing clouds and rain develops late afternoon for most locations and the weekend looks good but morning lows will be cold. >>> thank you steve. most european stock markets are opening the day with gains and most are reacting to the market overnight. the nikkei jumped to its highest level and that's after he said he was leaving early and that's after the possibility that new leaders are adopting jaun tatetive -- adopting measures for many. >> reporter: the s&p 500 is back above that 1600 level. and the san francisco's farm bill took in 261 million. it is more than 51 million they forecasted. they play its games every day and that's up 11% from a year ago. >> all right, our time is now 5:20 it was announced just minutes ago, pam g
have a weak system producing some rain in santa rosa and if you are getting some rain, you can always tweet me. that is absolutely the best way to get in touch with me. yesterday it was sunny, nice, i know the mornings were cold but temperatures on the high side, town to friday and then next wednesday is sunny and warm. the 10 day outlook is dry and this system will not have much rain either but it has a lot of cold air. 30s and 40s here, some 30s on the lows and one woman said it is always colder there. moffett you can find colder temperatures. we appreciate the system dropping in and we get a sun break and then it turns colder showery and windy. 50s on the temperatures, low 50s and upper 40s in mendocino county and maybe parts of lake county and a little warmer to the south but not a lot. cold air arrives friday and most of the cloud activity should be over the mountains over and off the coast and sunny on the weekend and windy and cold, a little breezy and warmer sunday and monday. >>> 5:09 california officials are praying for rain in march. november and december we had pretty good
low clouds are holding up these lows. nasa and santa rosa we had a few more 20s and we have 20s and 30s in fairfield. 16, up to 30 mile-per-hour gusts and we have some locations as calm and mostly sunny and gradual warming and patchy low clouds, a good breeze as well, very low 60s and running slightly below normal on these temperatures, maybe by sunday, then everything points towards sunny and warmer weather. then we wantp it right backup, steve, why cyber spying may be happening more than we thought. >>> and the fight against blight, how one bay area city is fighting back. >>> good morning, highway 4 westbound, it looks good coming up to the willow pass grade and we will tell you more about the morning commute and bay area weather stay tuned. . >>> welcome back, an overnight car bombing at syria happened at security checkpoint and a mortgager at a command center. bashar assad said he is not responsible for the conflict and when asked about its future, he said the decision should be made by the syrian people. >>> it's not just law firms and think tanks, they are being targeted for most
is good to go for sunshine and the city is 47. i saw a bunch of readings 46 to 44, santa rosa has a north wind and that's why they are at 42 and 42 in napa. some areas you get that breeze and it's a little bit warmer than what we saw yesterday at this time. napa is 32 and that north breeze is holding up for some. blustery conditions in some of the higher elevations and it's going to be a another sunny mild -- going to be another sunny or mild warm day. temperatures in the 60s to upper 60s possibly if you get enough of that north breeze. 65 and 60s, a little bit cooler by the coast and still nice. a weak system brushes us thursday. friday looks to be the warmest day and with your weekend in view, it looks nice but it is always cooler. >>> the government sent stocks down after all the major pacific markets, they are concerned about how this will affect the global economy. this is dropping 2 and a quarter percent and china and hong kong closed at 1%. checking in on our numbers, they started responding well to the european markets and i did say early on, i was not sure how the markets were co
channel 2 morning news >> so we have a little bit of rain? >> yes. >> there was a little bit santa rosa to ukiah, 40s and 50s for the lows, here is sal. >>> this is a look at the sunole grade, southbound 680 traffic is moving well off to a good start, we are off to a good start in just minutes, now let's go back to the desk. >>> santa cruz officers will start going back to work, two veteran officers are killed in the line of duty and we are trying to find out how that deadly tragedy unfolded. tara, good morning. >>> good morning, that memorial continues to grow for those two fallen officers and they are sitting here on the cement, flowers, well wishers also adorn the spot. this is an area for officers who have been shell shocked and more details about the deadly tragedy are coming to light. a cell phone video captured the frantic scene. the two officers had gone to the home of jeremy for a follow- up investigation and he was armed with a gun and shot them on his door stop. we poke to the man who shot the cell video while the commotion was going on. >> i was sitting here talking to my fr
a little bit more fog this morning. santa rosa, napa, concord, livermore. saw north bay and east bay. over all it's another nice day on tap here. similar to what we had yesterday. i'm kind of happy here. although it's showing up for a little too long. we could use rain now. it's been quiet for four year weeks. sunny and warm weather. highs 60s low for some to 70 for others. mostly sunny. there will be higher clouds coming in. i think most of that will be san jose south. no big deal. there will be some. 30s and 40s to almost 50- degrees in san francisco. antioch 31. livermore 36 but not far away. you can find a little bit of fog and temperatures in the 40s. it just depends. higher clouds coming up to the southwest are taking an aim to central and southern california. i know it's a reach but just letting you know. sunny and warm. a little bit more fog this morning. hazy skies. 60s mid to upper. a little bit warmer. santa cruz 70 degrees. get that friday flu head over there. livermore 63. san mateo 64. and mountain view at 66. mostly sunny. hazy skies. a little bit of high clouds. that is it.
for a missing man continues in santa rosa and he may be mentally ill. police were first alerted by a man acting strangely and he then ran into the park and was last seen by a mountain biker who said the man was stripped naked and was chanting. >> when confronted, he was talking in kind of a delusional state and made some odd comments so they called us to have him removed from the property and by the time we arrived on scene, the individual had left. >> now the man's family said he may be mentally ill. >>> time now 5:06 parking meters are coming in the future and that means you will not have to carry a lot of change. they plan to upgrade all parking meters by this fall. right now they only accept coins and payment cards issued by the city but they will be replaced. now the city is making plans to accept several kind of payment an offer a variety of hourly rates. >>> and checking in on the east bay, how is it looking sal? >> it is looking good and traffic is doing pretty well on interstate 880 and 24 and westbound 4, the whole thing and there are no problems on 80 coming out to the mcarthur maze.
toward the northern plains and deep south. 30s for many on the temps. same for santa rosa. novato in the 30s. some 40s but half-moon bay 42. so about the same as yesterday. there is a somewhat of a component of an offshore breeze. the direction the wind is coming from. san jose has an east wind. sfo had a westerly breeze. so there is a it will bit of more of that on shore push near the coast. it won't last very long. sunny and mild. a lot of sunshine today. no rain. tomorrow we'll start to warm things up. clearlake 68 again. 67 st. helena. 65 for napa. walnut creek at 63. along with a bunch. concord, pittsburg, antioch. berkeley at 60. 64 san jose. 64 saratoga and santa clara. on the coast upper 50s and low 60s. it will be warmer on thursday into friday and then the weekend still nice. just a little cooler as we head to sunday. >> european markets are all up this morning. markets that were up across asia posted gains as well. some are still closed for the lunar new year. checking in on our numbers the futures indicate a pretty good opening right now. maybe better opening for the d
to the peninsular. let's go to steve. >>> not bad, santa rosa and oakland downtown all hit 60 degrees. not today, there is a little more coastal and bay fog around and it is staying to the north. colder lows, patchy fog in parts of the north bay and there will still be a lot of sun but i want to show you last friday the rain has moved into the texas panhandle. severe weather into the backside of that is snow. so this will be a big time weather maker as it moves across the country but our little system has gained a lot of strength as it gains warm air from the gulf and there is a lot of ingredients causing it to strengthen. 46 in san francisco, a lot of 30s around with some patchy fog. there is still a component of an offshore breeze which is not as strong as yesterday but half- moon bay has it turning north. it is a little bit cooler today and it is spilling over the ridge of high pressure which will remain the rest of this week. a little cooler coast and bay and warm for some, getting there clear lake 68 petaluma 62, 63 brentwood, downtown oakland 59, 65 alameda, cupertino 65 as well, 58 daily
for a missing man in santa rosa. but family members are not giving up hope. searchers have spent six days looking for 35-year-old jason kyle of sacramento. investigators say a hiker spotted him naked and chanting on saturday but he has not been seen since. family members say he is disupon tent over personal issue. they plan to carry on the search and asking for volunteers to help them. >>> golfers will tee off for day two. there are plenty of famous faces on the links including former secretary of state condoleezza rice. not bad. it looks like she was in the sand maybe. she is getting her first taste of big time golf on pebble beach. he started playing golf five years ago when she was mid way through her tenure of secretary of state. >> you ask me how did it compare to diplomacy. well, i know how to do diplomacy. >> i think she will be here more playing golf than what she did. >> two golfers share the lead after round one. >> i think i can handle condoleezza rice on the golf course. >> well, maybe she will accept the challenge. >> i'm dreaming though. >>> time now 5:17. sal is not dreamin
santa rosa which at one time was 170% of normal for the season. i think sometime back in november. now they are 88. san francisco is 83%. and san jose is falling off the cliff here rainfall wise. only 74%. this will go down. there is no rain in sight until march 5th. now temperatures yesterday warmed up. we'll cool them down a little bit. just by the mere fact we are getting a little on shore breeze. san francisco 46. i will go for a high of 58 today. yesterday's high was 60. you can see the systems. yeah they look good. by the time they get here they -- maybe a little bit of cooling. few high clouds. extremely dry pal tern. end of the week looks very mild to warm. in fact, think low to mid 70s certainly possible. 30s and 40s to near 50 degrees. san francisco is 46 right now. where as all the active weather down in deep south. severe weather there. also on the backside of that low you can see severe weather from dallas to tulsa. somebody is getting weather. just not us here. our weather is very quiet, very tranquil. it will stay that way for awhile. the low that came by on the weekend
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